Monday, August 6, 2012

little things of life

as is my wont these days, i ordered more food than I could eat. She kept asking me if I could, and I promised I would. But then, I couldnt :(

She kept saying that wasting food is such a bad thing.
in my mind , I was saying...yeah if I care....
She realised, my nonchalance, and she asked the waiter to pack all the untouched food, she said she will give it to some poor kid.

I nodded...

While, she was leaving, and my glance was fixed to her, she stopped her bike by the side of the a poor boy who was selling something on a cart wheel, she leaned and passed the food to him and she was about to fall.

I ran towards her...but she just smiled, gave the food to him, leaving everybody, the young kid, me and the passerby' smiling....

and the little things people do, is what makes them so beautiful :)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

how to bring back a smile on a face that has hurt you

i am wading through an unchartered territory, with shaky legs and unsure thoughts and confused emotions.

often people hurt each other and more often it is unintentionally. its only that, later when they realise what they did, they find it easier to reason their action than to gracefully say sorry.

luckily or unluckily, i havent found anybody, who can hurt anybody else intentionally. even a pickpocketeer, who steals, does so for his food. he has no intention of hurting u. probably they have been trained not to look at the humane side of the story.

anyways, thats not why am i here, writing this post. because, whther people hurt others intentionally or not, it pains.

and in such cases, the person who has wronged feels the pain more, out of subconscious pang or whatever. i dont know. so what do we do to bring smile to these people.

what i usually suggest is ( why i dont do is, nobody has ever hurt me. or probably i am too thick skinned that i never realised that they tried hurting me. whatever.) if we can go back to the person and tell them . for example - hey u have been a great friend all along and u r still my great friend and u will remain my great friend. u really deserve a hug!!!

thats all. nothing more.

and i realise, probably i should have written this five years or so ago. because munnabhai has already a term for this -

jaddu ki jappi...... i blabbering


Sunday, March 30, 2008

ek idea - jindagi ko badal deti hai

ok. this post is abt my failure to implement one simple idea that could have changed the face of the world. and i am writing with the hope that someone, somewhere will pick this idea and use it. and i dont claim that this is my idea. and i am not sure, actually my memory is bad, and i dont remember who and how the idea originated. i remember my friend marky having talked to me abt it. and i remember another friend nirmala having discussed the same with me. anyways, so this post is a tribute to these two people for having come up with the idea.
we were then in our final year of our college, doing our msc in physics. so one day this idea was suggested. and we worked on it sincerely for two to four months and we donated 700 rupees to an orphanage.
the idea is simple. we collect one rupee per person per day in our class. thats all. one rupee per day for twenty students in twenty days comes out as a whopping four hundred rupees a month.
and it was not necessary that a person had to give money at all or everyday. he could chose to give on a weekly basis. or monthly basis.
we had our own problems. collecting money everyday was not easy. and often exams and studies and lab would interfere with our endeavour. if given a chance i would do the whole thing differently, like putting a piggy bank in the front of the class, but alas i cant go back in time.
my friend joby, who was in rrcat then now i think he is in iitd, had told me how they had arranged a campaign where they went and knocked at doors, asking people that when they buy notebooks, instead of 10, please buy one more and donate it to children form slum. instead of twenty books, buy one more. instead on 10 pencils buy one more. this way they were able to provide for notebooks to children from one slum.
the idea is simple. the idea is just one small thing a day. one rupee a day. one extra thing from the tens we spend. we could do lot more for the world.
so i ask everyone of u, who reads it to kindly see, if u can do something similar or something different for our brothers and sisters.....

Thursday, March 20, 2008

broken glass...


the other day, i was sitting with my friend, and having the regular evening cup of coffee in the office canteen. the evening cuppa has become important in our daily schedule, because that helps us unwind and release the mental pressure of the work. a sympathetic ear is always well appreciated.

that day is marked special in my memory, because of what followed next. the glass tumbler, slipped from my hand and spilled the coffee all over the table and the floor. ( see, how cunningly i deflect the fault to nature, as if that didnt happen because of me, but it simply was to happen. i am smart right :p ) few people across the room , turned their head to see who did it or what happened. just a normal response.

If i were alone, probably i would have been highly embarrased, would have paid for the coffee, and left immdeiately.

My sweet friend, he continued speaking or was it listening ( because i am a compelsive chatter). he just took a second off listening to me, and called to the tea master " anna innom oru coffee"

the tea master was also sweet, he simply nodded, gave a pleasant smile, and said, dont bother about cleaning. i will take care.

So, in two minutes, things were back to normal, i was still talking to him, and the incident was forgotten.

the tea master gave a new glass of coffee. as i moved to give him space to clean, he said - no problem sir, i will take care.

my friend didnt even comment, as if nothing happened.

after finishing the cuppa, as we went to pay for the coffee, the tea master refused to charge for the coffee that had been spilled. rightly, he should. he had made three coffee. he said - no, sir. just pay for two.

We said - anna, please take it.

finally we paid only for two, the tea master just smiled.

that was the most beautiful smile ever unleashed on mankind.

the kind of smile, that makes the world still beautiful to live.

My friend, just noted as we came out - did you see the child like joy in his face when he refused to take money.

I said yes. and we both were contented.

small things like this, often reinforce my theory, that romanticism is the way of life.

thank u my friend. thank u tea master.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

madras eye...

its often we land up in situations so beautiful, that we feel like kissing the first person we meet. but then we dont...and that is sad.

ok, let me come to the point. madras eye ( conjunctivitis) is never pleasant to have. (for that matter no disease is pleasant to have FISH)
anyways, this is espescially unpleasant, because ur friends avoid u. they maintain a distance. and worse u have to wear black glasses, which kinda cries alound - hello, i have madras eye.
so, when my friend had it, i could feel his uneasiness. i just went and talked to him. he said, arrey baba, be careful na. i just shrugged and asked him, what would u do, if i had madras eye. he smiled and said, i would do what u r doing, but u would be doing, what i am doing.
saying that he recounted the story of how one of our common friend reacted. he not only spoke to him, walked beside him, but, he also insisted that he show the eyes, and look into it, to know how red it is.
it was very cute. imagine, looking straight into the madras eye...awesome.
thats when we argued, probably he is right. if virus can travel from eye to eye, it is really not necessary that they take the shortest path possible. so one guy who is having madras eye in america can spread it one in chennai!!! provided the virus survives that trip!!!
ofcourse why i recount this is, indeed, we have so many precautions, and so many rules, "to be on the safer side" of whatever and everything.
but do they really matter. we didnt make these laws, then why should they be valid at all.
i mean, drenching in rain, can cause cold, but isnt dancing in rain wonderful. who cares abt cold.
isnt hugging the sweetest person of ur life, wonderful, what if that person is affected by TB.
isnt a kiss most beautiful thing in the world, what if the person is affected by AIDS. its just u like something, and if that brings happiness to somebody, why not do it. what if we have rules, what if we get disease, what if causes little pain to us.....
i am searching, our common friend, so that i could give him a hug.....
and hugs to all my readers

Sunday, March 2, 2008


there was this cute friend of mine, with whom i shared many a jokes. she once told me, abt a trip to aquarium along with her friends. one of her friend, as soon as she entered the aquarium - shouted - FISH
we had a good laugh then.....
but life is so much like this....our cute little stupidity.....
the same friend, once gave me two copies of the same application form - one filled by her, and the other she asked me to xerox it for myself. i said - should i xerox both??? and she replied FISH
in life i have seen this fish reappear so is too enticng....and too cute...and often, falling in love with the situation is no longer an option.
there is a cute baby, who has just fallen, after dancing to a tune, and we rush, and say - allo allo ma....does it
We meet people in the cinema theater and ask - hey have u come to watch a movie FISH am not making fun of people....i am just rejoicing the beautiful moments of life....the moments, where we can laugh together......and spread the smile.....

Saturday, March 1, 2008

romanticsm is not an art

It is sad to note that more people than ever before are becoming less romantic. Romanticsm is not an art, that u have to go through a degree to learn it, or a embarrasing truth that u shy away from exhibiting it.Well heck romanticsm is not about chasing a girl...i am not talking about that...i am talk abt romanticsm as a way of life.Getting up early morning and looking forward to a great day, looking at the mirror and smiling to urself, smiling at ur neighnour, smiling at a stranger who just smiled at u, smiling at a stranger who didnt smile at u, walking down the memory lane at hint of a history, talking to oneself in a crowded room, talking to a kid who is demanding another icecream after having eaten the first one, appreciating the beauty of that kid's mother - in her anger u see a reflection of ur childhood and ur mother's gentle reprieve. Enjoying rain, dancing in the middle of a road, laughing out aloud, thinking big, hugging a friend, celbrating other's success, being part of other's pain, trusting others, beiliveing others, giving unconditional love, supporting others, arranging a surprise party for a friend, fighting with ur beloved ones, and so on.....I wonder why, people have changed.......or is it that i am the mad one out ( odd one out ) here...please say nolove u all.unconditionally...